Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for usage of pushpamatrimony.in
Please read carefully before accepting relation with pushpamatrimony.in
Pushpamatrimony.in On surfing or signing up at Pushpamatrimony.in, you are consciously accept the terms and conditions set out hereinbelow. In addition, when you use or visit any current or future Pushpamatrimony.in service (online or offline) or any business affiliated with Pushpamatrimony.in, whether or not included in the Pushpamatrimony.in, you will also comes under the terms and conditions hereof.
The Users availing any services from Pushpamatrimony.in, have read, understood, accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions hereof. This agreement will carry the relationship between you and Pushpamatrimony.in. For all relation related to all the transactions or services by, with or in connection with Pushpamatrimony and shall be unconditionally binding between the parties without any reservation. All rights, privileges, obligations and liabilities of you and/or Pushpamatrimony.in with respect to any transactions or services by, with or in connection with Pushpamatrimony.in for all purposes shall be governed by this agreement. The terms and conditions may be changed and/or altered by Pushpamatrimony.in from time to time at its sole discretion.
Pushpamatrimony.in can be surf or provide services worldwide online via internet or offline via address mentioned in contact details.
Anyone from the world who wants to availe the service within terms and condition can register with Pushpamatrimony.in.
we expect the candidate (hereafter who wants to availe the service called candidate) complete the registration process and fill true and correct information.
In order to serve you better Pushpamatrimony.in expect that informaiton filled by candidate at any time do not use unsocial and/or abusive language and words.
If at any time Pushpamatrimony.in finds that candidate is not using services as per terms and condition then Pushpamatrimony.in reseve rights to withdraw the candidate's registration.
Every time candidate edit his/her information will go into verificaiton process.
After registration candidate give rights to Pushpamatrimony.in to use candidates contact numbers to communicate with him/her. Candidate can contact Pushpamatrimony.in if they want to withdraw the communication service from Pushpamatrimony.in. By default Pushpamatrimony.in can contact the candidate.
If you availe the any communication services from Pushpamatrimony.in, candidate has to deregister from donot disturb service from his/her operator.
You also unconditionally agree to indemnify Pushpamatrimony.in against all losses, damages, penalties, costs or consequences whether direct or indirect, that may arise out of any breach or violation of the aforesaid representation, commitment and undertaking.
Pushpamatrimony.in is a website and provide one platform where candidate can share information for match making, Pushpamatrimony.in only verify communication details via verificaiton process, but other information Pushpamatrimony.in expection that candidate should verify for other party.
Pushpamatrimony.in gives rights to candidate to access the information present on Pushpamatrimony.in website based on registration type.
Pushpamatrimony.in expect, after registation candidate should maintain privacy by protecting password sharing of candidates account.
Pushpamatrimony.in expect, communication within candidates carries only related to matrimony. These communication should not related to any product marketing, any advertising or any criticising.
Pushpamatrimony.in reserve rights to change the membership type and membership fees but Pushpamatrimony.in try to maitain a fair balance between old and new candidates. These are mainly due to marketing and not related to any individual.
Pushpamatrimony.in expect from candidates that information filled should be properly places. e.g. phone number should be filled in phone number field not in name field. In such case Pushpamatrimony.in reserve rights to terminates the registration.
AFter registration if candidate choose to terminate your registration/membership, the MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances once paid.
While providing services to candidate, Pushpamatrimony.in may outsource any part of service to any competent person or organization, with or without disclosing it to candidates. However, your membership/registation rights and services continue as against Pushpamatrimony.in only and not against outsources persons or organizations.
Pushpamatrimony.in has all rights to include any advertisements on candidates profile. This is only to gain financial strength but Pushpamatrimony.in ensures that informaiton visibility should not be disturbed.
Candidates can contact helpdesk@pushpamatrimony.in in case of any suggestions, feedback, complains or disputes.